Sailing Around Britain

IMG_3102My name is Brian Munro,and for a long time now, I have harboured ambitions of an extended sailing trip. This trip had to be more than just a year bumming around on boats. It needed a purpose, a goal, something to achieve! To this end, I decided that a circumnavigation of Britain would be appropriate.

I might add, that this is not just for my personal enjoyment. I am looking to raise as much money and awareness as I can for OUCH (UK). My partner suffers from this horrible illness, which is not really widely known about.

Unfortunately my very understanding partner cannot take off the same amount of time and consequently the trip will be largely on my own. Although I am sure she and others will join me in the sunnier, prettier parts!

It would be great if people wanted to keep track of what I’m up to.  If you do, there are a number of ways depending on your level of interest!

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So here it is – my website which will hopefully track the planning and work required up to the trip and my blog of the trip itself.

I guess we start here……